Breaktime Bible Study: Caught Up

 Caught up

We are brought down to the dust; our bodies cling to the ground. Psalm 44:25

There are times in life where the current situation is holding us down­ – unable to move. ­­The Psalmist was in an unmovable condition in his heart and mind. He was determined God had left him and Israel to their own care. 


Sadly, many of us experience similar situations in life. We are caught up in allowing the trial to hold us with its clutches −the life situation holds power. Our heart is caught up and entangled and can’t let go of the unfairness. It may take some time to realize life isn’t fair, but we don’t have to allow the unjust situation to control how we respond.


It is challenging to talk about life’s difficulties and how to respond because we all react differently. The Psalmist insisted God had stopped influencing his life and turned towards Him completely surrendered. It may take time to get to this place of total surrender and letting go of control. The more we try and master, the more the ego gets in the way.  The unexpected is going to happen, and life is going to get confusing, but it doesn’t have to own us we can turn towards God and abide in Him.


Today in the Workplace

Are you caught up allowing life to control you?


Breaktime Bible Study: Caught Up

     1. Read today’s Breaktime


     2.Review Scripture

We are brought down to the dust; our bodies cling to the ground. Psalm 44:25


    3.  Answer Questions


How does the Psalmist describe his situation? 


How do you describe where you are now? Put into words where your heart is with God.





Have you ever been brought down to the dust? What took you there? 


How did you get out? 


God desires to rescue us. He may not change our situation, but He could help improve us through it.  What needs to be changed?