Breaktime: God Does Care

God Does Care
My bones suffer mortal agony as my foes taunt me, saying to me all day long, “Where is your God?” Psalm 42:10

Now David is facing the mocking of his foes by raising doubt against the goodness of God. David turned to God, but his enemies were continuing their attack against the nature of God. Their questioning assumes David should be completely delivered of his situation; then God could be seen as victorious. The case reveals God is with David, but God is doing things God’s way, not mans way.

Their inquiry, where is your God is a taunting question begging for us to renounce the faith. We probably have all asked why doesn’t God care for me, if He did He would undoubtedly change my situation. But what if God was not going to change the condition, but mold us in it. We assume at times; God owes us a prosperous life which looks like the American ideal.

But deliverance could look like a change of attitude, forgiveness, a deeper of understanding of servanthood, and many other remarkable transformations. God can use trials in life for an inward change, which can be the greatest of all prosperities. Success in trials in not found in the removal of it, but the lesson learned as we endure. Some things of life are transformed through the sufferings, which is right where God is. The greatest act of caring could be not deliverance through the hardship but deliverance in it.

Today in the Workplace

Where is your God?