Breaktime Bible Study: Motive Matters

Breaktime Bible Study: Motive Matters

Sometimes we can go through life and do all the right things, but inside we are growing more self-righteous in our attitudes if we are not careful.

1.Read Today’s Breaktime.

2.Review Scripture

The law of their God is in their hearts; their feet do not slip. Psalm 37:31

3.Now What? Answer and Apply the following Questions

What is being taught about the law of God?

Where is the law living?

What does it mean to have the law in our heart?

Can we still obey the law and yet have a heart that is unkind, judging and self-righteous?

Have you ever been guilty of judging someone’s actions because they don’t measure up to your standard?

Realizing our need for Jesus to live in our motive can keep us from becoming self-righteous.

Are you relying on Jesus to keep your feet from slipping?

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