Breaktime Bible Study: Practicing the Presence

Breaktime Bible Study: Practicing the Presence

The Psalmist understood the language of the wicked was going to be a deception as a rule and they were going to fail to do good.

1. Read Today’s Breaktime

2. Review Scripture

The words of their mouths are wicked and deceitful; they fail to act wisely or do good. Psalm 36:3

3. Now What? Answer and Apply the following Questions:

How are the words and actions described by the Psalmist? Why do you think he spent time identifying their actions?

How would you describe the actions of someone who daily lives in the presence of God?

Have you ever tried a sin management program?

Jesus died so sin can be done away with in our lives but it takes a daily practicing walking with Him. How do you practice walking with Jesus?

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