Breaktime Bible Study: A Somber Look at Life

Breaktime Bible Study: Investing in What Lasts

1. Read Today’s Breaktime

2. Review Scripture

“for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away.” Psalm 37:2

3. Now What? Answer and Apply the following Question

How does David describe the fate of the evil doer?

There is not much hope for those who continue down the path of evil. Why would we be envious of what they have here?

What the evil person has is temporary. What do you have that brings joy which is eternal?

The problem with evil people is they are investing their resources on things which have temporal value.

How can you invest in what lasts?

What needs to change for you to invest? What do you need to give up to have more time with those who matter in your life?

Sabra DyasComment