Breaktime Bible Study: God has your back

Breaktime Bible Study: God has your back

David could have easily defended himself by shouting out his own protective words but instead, he waited on God.

1. Read Today’s Breaktime

2. Review Scripture

Awake, and rise to my defense! Contend for me, my God and Lord. Psalm 35:23

3. Now What? Answer and Apply Questions

What did David ask God to do? What does it mean to ask God to contend for you?

How does David refer to God? What are the names he uses?

Do you have enemies? Do you have people who are spreading rumors or gossip about you?

Have you ever felt betrayed? David’s good friends turned on him and yet he didn’t allow the offense in his heart, he reserved his heart for the place God dwelled.

How can you pray for your offenders?

What are the names you can use to call out to God?