KCWN App - “Shout Out” Feature

One of the coolest features of the KCWN app is the ability to quickly and easily record a voice message - a favorite song, prayer request, word of encouragement, contest entry, comment or suggestion - with a few simple finger taps! Not sure what to do? Follow the simple instructions below…


Step 1

The second button down will say “Start Recording” - when you’re ready to record your message, just tap the button with your finger. When it turns red you’re recording! Tap the button again to stop the recording.


Step 2

Not sure you like what you recorded? Just select the “Preview Your Recording” button to listen to the message. Don’t like it? Just hit the “Start Recording” button again; the app will automatically write over the old message with the new one!


Step 3

If you’re satisfied with your message, simply tap the “Send it In !” button - before the message is sent, the app will ask for your name. Please include your phone number or e-mail address so we can contact you if you’re the winner in a prize drawing. Then push the “Send” button and you’re done - you’ve just sent a ShoutOut! to KCWN!!!