So you have the KCWN App… (or are thinking about it)

Now you're wondering - what can I do with it? Check it out below!


Feature 1

Probably the main thing you’ll use the app for - listening to KCWN everywhere you go!


Feature 2

Swipe right and you’ll see the app navigation screen…


Feature 3

Curious what that song was that played 20 minutes ago? You can use the app to see a list of songs recently played!


Feature 4

You can listen to interviews we’ve done in the studio right on the app!

feature 5

Send us a voice message - prayer request, song request, question, comment, word of encouragement - with just a couple clicks! Need more information - check out our guide on how to record a ShoutOut!


Feature 6

Wake up to our broadcast with the built-in alarm!


feature 7

Easy access to KCWN’s social media; you can also visit our website or send a text and/or e-mail right through the app!