So you got an Amazon Echo smart home device...
— Now what do you do with it?


Wondering what to do with that Amazon Echo smart home device? How about listening to our live broadcast without having to lift a finger? Step 1 is enabling the KCWN Alexa Skill. How do you do that? Simple! Simply say this to your Echo - “Alexa, Enable KCWN.” That’s it! The KCWN Alexa skill will be aded to your device!



Step 2

Now you’re ready to use the KCWN Alexa skill! To start streaming our live broadcast, simply say one of the following:

  • Alexa, Listen to KCWN”

  • Alexa, Open KCWN”

  • Alexa, Play KCWN”




That’s it! Now you can start listening to KCWN’s live broadcast with your Amazon Echo device without having to lift a finger!