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Breaktime: No Scarcity Here

In times of disaster we will not wither which means we will not lose hope. We will not fall when all is tumbling around us as we are still standing. Disaster will come, but deliverance will also come. We aren’t immune from the calamities, but we are free from them overtaking us because of God’s covering. Nothing can take our heart without our consent.

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Breaktime: Daily Companion

There’s nothing better than resting in the Lord’s daily care, knowing our inheritance will last for eternity. When we can finally settle in to contentment knowing God is taking care of us, we find true self-worth. We can walk confidently into our day, knowing God is over us and with us. God is not out there somewhere aloof, He is with us no matter where we go. Walking in His presence and recognizing what He is doing in us gives us daily assurance

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Being Powerful

The need for power is another vice that many turn toward to find self-worth. To try and keep a healthy status, many have bought into the surge for power and we may not even be wicked in our approach to obtaining power, but the drive could be still the aim−to gain worth.

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The Need For More

When we can let go of consumerism, we may find more than we were looking for. The constant need of having more is all around us; commercials, social media ads or billboards yes everywhere we look there is a reminder of what we should have.

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Trouble Follows Trouble

The enemy may try to point the sword at us but in the end it's their heart that pierces. Our actions affect our heart, the place where the motive is determined and the wicked may try to use all the weapons they have to break our spirit, but it will be their own spirit crushed.

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The Best Day Ever

Can you imagine a day when no more wicked can be seen or felt? A day when we open our eyes and all that we recognize is the goodness of God completed in our midst. Even if we would try to hunt down evil, we could not find any because God’s love is permeating all around us.

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Breaktime: Hopeless No More

For those who are evil will be destroyed, but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.” Psalm 37:9   

There is such a contrast between evil and hope.  When people are walking in evil as their everyday motive, their end will be destruction. However, those who walk in the hope of the Lord, theirs will be inheritance of the land. This is a contrast between light and dark. It may appear in our day that darkness is prevailing and when we look at it long enough our hope starts to diminish. David understood this thought.

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Breaktime: Turn Off The Noise

Some things cause so much noise that we can hardly hear our loved ones trying to communicate. We can become distracted with fretting over people’s success we can hardly hear the voice of what God has achieved in us. We can hardly see God’s ways because they have become blinded by the wicked ways of others which may be appealing.

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Breaktime: Shining

This is the reward we have for being committed and trusting in God −He takes care of our reputation. God is the One who has our back and others will notice our righteousness, not so we can be acclaimed, but so God can be glorified.  

It should be as clear as the dawn whom we stand for. There should be no question before others where our trust rests. Even in the darkest of hours, the light should be shining.

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