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The Bev and Steve Show - Episode #4 - February 8, 2019

Welcome to episode #4 of "The Bev and Steve Show" for Friday, February 8th! Today Bev and Steve take a nostalgic look back at galoshes, and Steve takes your questions about these topics: Can a man only have eyes for his wife? How do you memorize Scripture? Do Christians need to forgive? Visit KCWN on the web at, and check out Pastor Steve at!

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Homework - the #1 thing stressing out your teens

Ok South Central Iowa parents (and beyond) of teenagers - what do you think? Is homework the #1 thing stressing out your kids? Is homework today more stressful than it was for us because teens today have so many other things competing for their time (sports, activities, social media, video games, etc.)? Or is the amount of homework in and of itself THE problem?

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