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The Teaching of Suffering

There was no other explanation to the Psalmist and their suffering other than, God is sleeping. The only answer for the writer was for God to awaken and realize their pain and agony and come quickly. His cry is for the Lord to awake and rescue for he knew one word from God and all would be answered.

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Breaktime: Finding the Right Word

If these words are not removed from our heart, they can become bitter, and we can grow angry. When using our words, we should stop and ask ourselves, will these build up another or tear them done? Another test is asking ourselves will these words benefit those who are listening. Words should be chosen carefully, and if they are not going to empower another, our mouths should remain still. So are we using the right words for the right reasons?

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Now the feelings of slavery have crept into the camp. Their life now is consumed with sorrow as one under the influence of being used by another. They were taken away as being used by another.

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Breaktime: Finding the Win

but you give us victory over our enemies; you put our adversaries to shame. Psalm 44:7

Another sign of victory for the Psalmist is in the shame of the adversaries. God provided success, and what often infuriated the enemies are the imbalanced numbers. The enemy often came into battle with more massive troops, and Israel would win through the strength of the Lord.

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Breaktime: Approval

You are God, my stronghold. Why have you rejected me? Why must I go about mourning, oppressed by the enemy? Psalm 43:2

Even though David knew God was his stronghold, he had feelings of rejection, and he is now allowing the situation to overcome him. David is in a state of mourning over the way others are rejecting him.

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