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The Bev and Steve Show - Episode #6 - April 5, 2019

Here it is - Episode #6 of “The Bev and Steve Show” for April 5, 2019. The show kicks off with a missions trip report from Uganda - then Bev and Steve dive into your questions about “Meet and Greet” at church (should we have them?), the doctrine of election, John 3:16 as it relates to election, and should people just change churches when they feel like it. Catch it here at 99.9, Where Hope Shines!

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The Bev and Steve Show - Episode #4 - February 8, 2019

Welcome to episode #4 of "The Bev and Steve Show" for Friday, February 8th! Today Bev and Steve take a nostalgic look back at galoshes, and Steve takes your questions about these topics: Can a man only have eyes for his wife? How do you memorize Scripture? Do Christians need to forgive? Visit KCWN on the web at, and check out Pastor Steve at!

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