Giving Is an Eternal Investment That Benefits Us Here and Now

A few days ago our station manager Bev finally nailed down the dates for this year’s Fall Share at KCWN - Tuesday October 8 through Thursday October 10th. KCWN has been a listener-supported station since day one - this station is able to proclaim the hope of Jesus Christ because of the faithful generosity of our listeners. I’ve personally been blessed by your giving, and I know many, many others have been too!

It seemed like a great opportunity to talk about the blessing of giving, and I’m glad I took a peek this morning at Randy Alcorn’s latest blog entry titled “Giving Is an Eternal Investment That Benefits Us Here and Now.” Randy points out something I’d never really thought about before - the Bible talks very little about how the people who receive are blessed and talks a lot about how the giver is blessed, now and in the life to come.

Alcorn starts off his discussion with these thoughts:

One of the biggest misconceptions about giving is that the money we part with to help the needy or to spread the gospel just disappears and is gone forever. While we hope others will benefit from it, we’re quite sure we won’t. We even buy into the devil’s lie that giving will rob us of the good life. We couldn’t be more wrong.

So what does the Bible say about the impact of having a generous heart? Alcorn offers these words of encouragement:

Jesus told His disciples that when they gave money away, their hearts would follow the treasures they were storing in Heaven (Matthew 6:19-21). He also said that at the Resurrection, God would reward them for helping the needy (Luke 14:14). Somehow we’re forever connected to what we give and the people we give it to. Martin Luther has been credited with saying, “I have held many things in my hands and I have lost them all. But whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.”

The Bible shows that anything we put in God’s hands is an investment in eternity. But that doesn’t just mean that someday our giving will bring us good. It will actually do us good here and now—at the same time it does good for others. That’s why the good life is inseparable from generosity.

I can speak from experience that when God gives you a spirit of generosity, giving becomes filled with joy! He makes it fun! I can remember a time when you couldn’t peel a dollar from my clenched fist; when I gave my life to Jesus back in 2004 one of the very first things he put on my heart was to get out of debt and to start being generous. It’s a gift for which I’ll always be grateful!

Do you want to become more like Jesus and increase your joy at the same time? Ask the Lord to give you a generous heart, then respond with obedience. You’ll be blessed - now and in eternity!