Breaktime: Through His Strength

Through His Strength

All this came upon us, though we had not forgotten you; we had not been false to your covenant. Psalm 44:17

The Psalmist is now pleading Israel's case, and he is determined that they deserve better treatment. Those who are in captivity had not forgotten the Lord or betrayed his covenant. He lays out his case as one in front of a judge and jury as he asks the question why?

We have all done it; asked the question, why do I have to endure such persecution, look what I am doing. We bring our credentials before God as if we deserve better than what we are receiving. We ask God why? We, like the Psalmist, can be in a similar position and before God, we are bringing our worth.

But we all know deep inside, we aren't spared from the enemy’s clutches and attacks. But one thing is sure, there is no trial we can walk through that God will not be there. It may seem like God has departed, but unbelief is not the answer. It could be through our situation; we also haven’t forgotten God, and we have remained faithful to his commands. The battle rages on, and this is the time to continue to persist and remember, God is higher than all our trials, and it is through His strength we are preserved.

Today in the Workplace

Where do you need God’s power?