Qualified in God’s Eyes

[Noah] walked faithfully with God.

Genesis 6:9

It seems about once a month someone asks me how I started working at KCWN. I can’t help but laugh every time I think about how God orchestrated the chain of events that put me behind this microphone. It all started in July of 2015 - my son AJ was just 2 months old, and my wife Erin was getting ready to go back to work full-time. I hadn’t worked in almost 4 years due to severe chronic pain, and by that point I’d pretty much lost all hope that things could ever change.

Then one day, out of the blue I get an e-mail from Bev DeVries, gneral manager at KCWN, asking if I’d be interested in a job at the radio station. My first reaction was stunned incredulity - Me, work at a radio station? Was she crazy?!? I could never do that!!! I decided to just ignore the message, and figured that would be the end of that, but two weeks later she e-mailed again, and after talking a bit with my wife I decided it couldn’t hurt to just talk to Bev and hear what she had to say. Here I am today, four+ years later, doing something I thought I could never do - I know God has used this station to change my life, and I know that every day I have the opportunity to bless others here in South Central Iowa and beyond.

My radio station story reminds me of today’s devotional from Our Daily Bread titled “Qualified in God’s Eyes.” The author opens by sharing the story of landing his first job post-college at a computer coding firm, even though he had zero experience with coding and hadn’t taken a single business class. How did he get the job? “…personal qualities such as the ability to solve problems creatively, exercise good judgment, and work well with a team were more important. The company assumed new workers could be taught the necessary skills as long as they were the kind of people the company was looking for.” He then moves on to the story of Noah, a farmer called by God to build the ark. As far as we know Noah wasn’t a skilled carpenter or expert sailor - he simply obeyed God’s request because ““he walked faithfully with God” (Genesis 6:9).

How about us? How do we respond when we feel God nudging us to do something completely outside our comfort zone? My typical response (at least at first) is usually “Oh, God will find someone else to do it.” (That’s what I assumed four years ago at the radio station - surely he had someone else more qualified in mind!) I loved the conclusion to today’s devotional:

When opportunities to serve God come our way, we may not feel qualified for the work. Thankfully, God is not necessarily concerned with our skill set. He prizes our character, love for Him, and willingness to trust Him. When these qualities are being developed inside us by the Spirit, He can use us in big or small ways to accomplish His will on earth.

Maybe God isn’t asking you to build a giant boat or be on the radio - but at some point we all face challenges for which we feel completely unprepared and unequipped. Don’t worry - if you love God, trust him, and have a fruit-filled life, you can be confident you’re qualified in God’s eyes.