Hope When Trusting God is Hard

We live in an age of anxiety - never before in human history have we had access to so much information, often within milliseconds and with nothing more than a tap of our finger. Unfortunately we’re living with the reality of unintended consequences, with skyrocketing rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide as our screens leave us bewildered, isolated, and increasingly without hope.

Hope - as Christians that four letter word is really what it’s all about. Because of God’s great agape love, his desire to “will the good” of you and I, because of Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross that made the forgiveness of sins possible, because he rose from the grave and reigns over all, promising us the resurrection of our bodies and life eternal, we have hope.

To get to that four-letter word hope, we need a critical five-letter word - trust. If we don’t trust God is who he says he is, his Word if faithful and his promises true we’ll never have hope. Binu Samuel from Proverbs 31 Ministries shares her heart on this subject in her devotional “Hope When Trusting God is Hard.” She points out the Bible is full of calls to trust, citing these verses:

Do you trust me, O Israel, to only collect a day’s worth of manna? (Exodus 16:15-20)

Do you trust me, Achan, to not collect the spoils of the land of Jericho? (Joshua 6:18)

Do you trust me, Gideon, to stop hiding in the wine press? (Judges 6:11)

Do you trust me, Joseph, to marry the woman with child, conceived by the Holy Spirit? (Matthew 1:18-25)

Trusting God seems a whole lot easier on Sunday morning, when we’re surrounded by other believers, singing songs of praise to the Lord and (hopefully) taking in the wise words of our pastor. Then Monday morning comes, and we face a big question - is Sunday just an isolated day of the week, or is what happens in that building interwoven into our hearts and minds so that it impacts the six other days of the week?

Binu quotes one of my favorite passages, I Peter 5:7, and says this:

1 Peter 5:7a tells us to begin “casting all your cares [all your anxieties, all your worries, and all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares about you [with deepest affection, and watches over you very carefully].” The word “cast” refers to intentionally relocating an object. God wants us to hand Him anything that weighs us down. But we have to be willing to hand it over … and then let Him handle it.

Hand it over, and then let him handle it - now THAT is trust! What sweet relief when we know we don’t have to carry such impossible burdens alone anymore!