Agents of Grace

We’ve all had a conversation like this.  You meet someone and know you need to acknowledge the painful experience they are going through.  That happened to me just a few weeks ago, and as often happens, the man I was talking to was glad to have the situation brought out into the light, an opportunity to talk in confidence for just  bit, and to accept my sincere empathy for what his family was going through.

Then he said something that literally made me stop in my tracks.  As he walked away he said, Thank you Bev for always being an agent of grace.

An Agent of Grace.  I know that years of learning and living life have left me far less judgmental than in my younger days.  It was easy for me to step into his pain and carry it for just a few minutes   And isn’t that what God calls us to do?  Be His hands and feet in the world, caring, understanding, walking with others in those difficult days?  Agents of His Grace.

As often happens for me, when I think about my role in the world, I think about my role at KCWN.  What an opportunity to be Agents of Grace!  Every day we can speak love, kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, through the music we play and the messages we share.  You and I might not come into contact with the young mom who feels isolated at home, but KCWN can!  We might not know the many things weighing on the mind of your coworker, but the radio could be playing the exact song that gives them hope.  We can’t physically be there during the hardest hours of someone’s day, but the radio is there, 24/7 with Hope, with Grace.

So we once again invite you to share in our mission to Share Hope, to be that Agent of Grace in a world that so needs to feel that love and encouragement all day, every day.  Your gift makes it possible for all of us to be His Agents of Grace.