The Price they Paid

The Price they Paid

Yet for your sake, we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered. Psalm 44:22

Not for their own sake, but for the purpose of God, they faced death. They didn’t throw in the flag of surrender to the enemy of unbelief, but they stayed firm. They face execution because of the God they chose to worship and serve. The life of the martyr is the cry of the nation.

Passages like this should make us realize how simple life has become. We are not persecuted to death because of our faith. Our faith can easily be worshiped, and God can readily be served without much persecution. Now from time to time, there is someone who may try and shut us up or try and question the God we stand behind. But being put to death in this country because of God doesn’t usually happen.

Could it be we have been la la byed in our faith? Our faith has become a song we sing instead of standing up and being willing to sacrifice. We don’t talk much about taking a loss of anything for the sake of Christ. It seems as long as my faith is convenient and advantageous for us, we will continue the walk. But once it becomes too much of a sacrifice, we tend to back off. Even going to church on Sundays has been covered up with other activities. This isn’t a condemnation as much as a realization of our American way. We tend to ask the question what's in it for me instead of what is Christ wanting from me.

Today in the Workplace

What does God want from you today?