Will You Come Back? (Jesus IS Hope!)

Working in radio these past four years has opened my eyes to many things, especially all the many stories our listeners have to tell about the ways Jesus has been with them - and in many cases continues to be with them - in the midst of circumstances that seem impossible. I’ve also heard countless testimonies from men and women that God has brought “from death to life,” lost sheep who have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Just last week I heard a very humble and grateful man share how a three-year affair nearly ruined his life and ministry, and how today he is once again faithfully serving Jesus. My own story is filled with sin, rebellion, and amazing restoration - from sexual chaos, addiction, and self-destructive tendencies to this place where I sit behind the microphone at KCWN, sharing the hope of Jesus in South Central Iowa and beyond. Only Jesus can do something like that!!!

My devotional for today comes from Our Daily Bread and is titled “Will You Come Back?” The author starts by sharing the story of a couple named Ron and Nancy. Their marriage was falling apart, torn to pieces by Nancy’s adulterous affair. When Nancy finally confessed her sin, instead of leaving Ron decided to give her another chance, and in “…a miraculous way God restored their marriage.”

Ron’s actions are a great picture of God’s love towards us - he should have left us to wallow in our own mess, but he did just the opposite, pursuing with his irresistible love, grace, and mercy. We see that same picture of God’s love in the Old Testament prophet Hosea - when his wife was unfaithful, God told the prophet to bring her back, much like he would someday take back his unfaithful people of Israel. The author of today’s devotional writes:

After all their disobedience, God longed for a close relationship with His people. Just as Hosea loved his unfaithful wife, pursued her, and sacrificed for her, so God loved His people. His righteous anger and jealousy were motivated by His great love.

The same great love God showed to his people Israel is available to us as well. Through Christ’s death on the cross we can receive forgiveness of sins, by his resurrection we have assurance of the new life to come. That should shine some light in the darkness we face and hopefully put a smile on our face as well. Let us never forget - “As we come to Him in faith, we can trust that in Him we will find complete fulfillment.