Breaktime: The Truest of Self

The Truest of Self

You have made us a byword among the nations; the peoples shake their heads at us. Psalm 44:14

Israel is now a nation where even those who looked on them shook their head in disgust at a nation brought to a place of complete humiliation. They seemed to have lost the encouragement and strength to continue in the battle. The physical struggle may have ceased, but now the action was an internal struggle.

We have all been in places of life where the mind is saturated with defeat. All we can do is meditate on the onlooker looking at us in condemnation, which is a sad state of mind and heart. The enemy and his ploy on our life are winning as we surrender to the onlooker's disapproval and experience the heaviness of loss.

No one has permission to control our heart nor take away our true identity for we are a child of God no matter what situation we are in. We must always remember if we surrender to the opinions of others, we lose the battle of identity. Our true self is not found in what our neighbor is saying about us; it is only found in the opinion of our Creator. God has a lot to communicate to us in the battles of life, and it may be right there where we learn more about our true self. It is often said failures speak more than success because God is teaching us our true self.

Today in the Workplace

What are you believing about yourself today?