Breaktime: Finding Resolve

Finding Resolve

You gave us up to be devoured like sheep and have scattered us among the nations. Psalm 44:11

Like many others, we look for God’s will in the tragedies of life. The Psalmist is no different than us; he understood God’s sovereignty, and it led them away from victory into separation. What once was a win, now all is a loss. It is difficult to comprehend why God allowed such adversity in their day and also in ours.

One thing that comes to mind is His ways are higher than ours. His greatness and goodness is still the same no matter the trial. However, through the suffering, it could seem God is distant. Many times we may try and find a way of escape by going around it, but the only way is through it.

We may go kicking and screaming or blaming, yet still find no relief or peace. It isn’t until we start to go through the suffering that we find peace. When we stop denying or escaping to find release is when we start the journey with God. The enemy tries to convince us that God has sent us out to be devoured, but we know differently. We know God is in the trial and through His strength we can find peace. We can certainly choose to continue to allow the enemy to devour us in his bitterness or we can discover resolve in the presence of God.

Today in the Workplace

Stop and surrender in His presence.