He Will Never Change

Today is the first day of school for many of our kids, and that means change in a lot of different ways - new schedules, new teachers, new routines. Some of us handle change really well, others (like myself) aren’t so great at this thing called change. In my own life, the last few weeks have brought change of a different sort - my mom’s third cancer diagnosis, heart troubles for my beloved father-in-law, and the return of severe chronic pain and anxiety in my own life.

So how do we deal with unexpected change, especially when it’s the kind that turns our world upside-down? I had to chuckle as I thought about my own answer right now - “Not very well!” Joni Eareckson Tada is someone who has tangled with sudden change, and she shares her thoughts in a devotional titled “He Will Never Change.” Her opening statements definitely rang true to me:

Maybe you’re the type of person who doesn’t handle change very well. It creates a momentary vertigo, an unsteady feeling of imbalance or a little wave of fear. You think, What now? How will this work out? How will I manage?

In recent days I think I’ve asked myself those three questions too many times to count. “Lord, how in the world do I do this?” Joni’s advice - look to the God in Scripture who never changes. She writes:

God’s care and compassion for those in Christ will never change. He will always provide for us—even though it may seem to be in the very nick of time. What’s more, His change in our lives may be exactly what we need. We have a tendency to hold on to old remedies, old patterns, old methods of coping. But the Lord says, “See, I am doing a new thing!” (Isaiah 43:19). Life changes and God’s methods of provision change, but His care for us and commitment to us never change.

When the world around us seems to be falling apart and change leaves us feeling uncertain and afraid, we can find rest and hope in the solid rock of Jesus Christ.