You Can Never Pray Too Much

Can we pray too much? It seems like a silly question right? “Of course not!” most of us would say - but how would we answer the question if it were flipped around. Can we pray too little? When I examine my own life I know the answer is sadly “Yes Ryan - you know you can pray too little.” How much time do I spend on my iPhone vs. talking to the King of Kings? Right now the equation is pretty lopsided…

In her devotional “You Can Never Pray Too Much,” Joni Eareckson Tada shares her thoughts on the topic of intercession. She points out that for many, prayer is kind of like that red box you find in a building that says “break glass in case of emergency.” When life gets rough, we turn to God as our option of last resort - which in itself is not a bad thing to do! However, Joni argues that “Yes, prayer should be your last resort. But it should also be your first resort—and all your resorts in between..”

Our pastor at church has been echoing this sentiment as well - our daily routine is filled with countless little “pauses” - waiting to pick the kids up from school, sitting in traffic, “the pause that refreshes” in the bathroom… There are countless opportunities to bring our prayers and petitions before the Lord and talk with Jesus.

Joni gives this challenge:

Turn again and again to the Lord, with prayers that are specific, on the spot, detailed, and out of the box. Pray when you pass an accident on the highway. Pray when you get into your car and out of it. Pray when a face floats into your mind. Pray when the Spirit nudges, and then pray some more. You can never pray too much.