Breaktime: Having the Best Intentions

Having the Best Intentions
My enemies say of me, in malice, “When will he die, and his name perish?” Psalm 41:5

David's enemies desired him harm. They were so resentful; they hoped he would die. His enemies disliked David so much; they were eager for his respectable name to be tarnished and forgotten. David brought his brokenness before the Lord, so it would not grow into revenge.

Like David, we can get caught up in malice. It can be as simple as having a contrite heart against someone and not desiring the best for them. Malice usually creeps in after we have been offended by someone’s words or actions. We allow the insult to grow until we become bitter, then we stop wanting the best for the person and start imagining the worst.

The question is, do we want the best for everyone, or is there someone, begrudgingly, we don’t desire the best? Love is wanting the best for everyone yet all too often, and so quickly, bad intentions can grow. The enemy can use the slightest offense to begin his work. Wanting the best for everyone can only come when we can say with sincerity, we have forgiven others.

Today in the Workplace

Take an honest look at your intentions with everyone.