Breaktime: Breathless Soul

Breathless Soul

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God. Psalm 42:1

What a beautiful picture of a soul who knows what they need. David’s soul was tired and weary, and his heart was growing faint because of the oppression of the enemy surrounding him. However, David got glimpses of where he could go to put breath back in his lungs. He intended to find God and enjoy the fullness of life again.

Many of us may be going through a season where life seems breathless. We may be trying to figure it out by feasting off of the nourishment the world offers only to find our hunger pains growing. When life seems discouraging, we may use excuses to keep us from God. We may try and find answers for this breathlessness by doing more and trying to control life.

The greatest pleasure we can give ourselves when life seems breathless is a break. Not many can quit all they are doing, but we can go to God and find fullness again. We were made to enjoy God’s presence daily and to live to find pleasure in Him. Like David said, his soul pants for his God. There are many signs of a breathless soul, especially the one that fails to go to Him. Don’t leave yourself breathless, run to Him, and let Him breathe His breath of life back into your life.

Today in the Workplace

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