Breaktime: Two Sides to Every Whisper

Two Sides to Every Whisper

All my enemies whisper together against me; they imagine the worst for me, saying, Psalm 41:7

The whispers about David grow and attempt to bring down his authority. The enemy has the worst in mind concerning David’s health and reputation. They are creating such chaos by spreading lies of his illness. The enemy has used a partial truth and fabricated the rest to create confusion.

It doesn’t take long to watch any media source to sense the same may be happening in our communities. The communicator may get portions of truth, and what is left out may be fabricated to bring more enlightenment. It doesn’t take long in our world filled with multi ways of communication, to hear the whispers of untruth. And sadly, many of us may begin to believe what we are hearing without inspecting the evidence.

Because of a media-filled world, we need to be cautious of what we are expecting as truth. The enemy delights in preying on the whispers of half-truths. Our role is to inspect the murmur and remember there are always two sides to every story. Whenever we hear the whisper of another, remember there is another side which needs heard.

Today in the Workplace

Are you listening to the one-sided whisper?