Breaktime: The Enemy's Whisper

The Enemy’s Whisper
“A vile disease has afflicted him; he will never get up from the place where he lies.” Psalm 41:8

The enemy’s lie insisted David’s health would keep him down, unable to rise again to power. This lie was intended to create doubt amid his rule. The enemy lived in competition with David and was determined to win over his throne. Spreading the rumor of David’s incapacity to function created fear.

Not many of us have authority as David did, but we have our time, place, and role. There may be chaos at times, which arises because the enemy creates doubt in our abilities. When our peers question us, we can soon lose confidence in ourselves. Uncertainty can bring confusion and fear in many workplaces, but the truth sets us free.

The enemy is the father of lies and uses darkness as his greatest weapon. Our words should always be words of light and truth. If we are uncertain about the validity of what we are saying, we should remain silent. When we hear the enemy’s ugly whispers concerning others, our best resource is to seek the Lord.

Today in the Workplace

Is there an ugly whisper you are believing?