God’s Love for His Children

Give thanks to the God of gods,
for his steadfast love endures forever. (Psalm 136:2)

Some things about God are really easy for me to comprehend - God creating the universe, God being all places at all times, God being in control of all things and having all power. The heavy “theological” stuff is a piece of cake - but the fact that God loves me - knows me, cares specifically about me, went to the cross to die for my sins - that can be a bit harder to comprehend!

And yet, those more personal truths are the very essence of the hope you and I have as followers of Jesus. We don’t just believe in religion; we have a relationship with the risen Christ! So why is it difficult for so many of us to grasp this life-changing truth? I can think of a few reasons - we can’t physically see God, so there’s an element of doubt; does he really exist? Then there’s the “God’s ways are higher than our ways” reason, the times when we’ve prayed with all our heart for God to cure our cancer, or take away our pain, heal our sick child, mend a broken marriage or bring a wayward child back to the narrow path of life, and those prayers aren’t answered (at least the way we think they should be). Then there’s the ongoing battle with indwelling sin; I think sometimes our continuing struggles with sin issues can make God seem distant or uninvolved (especially as this one relates to the previous reason, when we’ve prayed and begged God to take away a sin issue that we can’t seem to conquer).

Max Lucado has some words of encouragement to offer this Monday morning from his devotional “God’s Love for his Children.” He frames today’s topic by stating the things about God that are easy to believe:

Certain things about God are easy to imagine. I can imagine him creating the world and suspending the stars. I can envision him as almighty, all-powerful, and in control. I can fathom a God who knows me, made me, and I can even fathom a God who hears me.

But not far behind are the more difficult - and far more personal - truths, which lead Max to ask these questions:

But a God who is in love with me? A God who is crazy for me? A God who cheers for me?

Yes, yes, and YES!!! Pick up the Bible, and ask the Holy Spirit to confirm in the depths of your soul these powerful words from Max:

Our Father is relentlessly in pursuit of his children. He has called us home with his word, paved the path with his blood, and is longing for our arrival. God’s love for his children is the message of the Bible.