Your Eulogy

Death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart.

Ecclesiastes 7:2

One of my favorite morning walks takes me through the cemetery on the west side of Pella. As I walk past the graves I love looking at the names and especially the dates, taking a moment to imagine what life would have been like so many years ago (the one that fascinates me the most is a woman who was born in the late 1700’s!). It’s easy to forget the brevity of our lives, and humbling to realize we’ll spend far more time under ground that we will above it. As followers of Jesus it ought to be reason for serious self-reflection - when we’re gone someday, will the impact our walk with the Lord had on our lives and those around us be what people remember most?

I sure hope so! If I feel convicted about anything these days, it’s about how much our modern lives are filled with meaningless distraction, and how deeply I long for a life filled with meaning and purpose for the Kingdom that spills over into the lives of my kids. It’s not easy, is it?!? Especially when it comes to our kids - there are just so many “fun” things vying for space in their hearts.

Today’s devotional from Our Daily Bread is titled “Your Eulogy.” In it the author shares the story of a funeral they recently attended. Of the woman being remembered he had this to say:

Her life wasn’t spectacular. She wasn’t known widely outside her church, neighbors, and friends. But she loved Jesus, her seven children, and her twenty-five grandchildren. She laughed easily, served generously, and could hit a softball a long way.

Few are chosen for roles the world sees as “great;” but Jesus has very different ideas of what makes us great in his Kingdom. I pray my kids say something similar about me that the kids of the woman in this story said about her:

The woman in the casket didn’t have a résumé, but her children testified that “she rocked Proverbs 31” and its description of a godly woman. She inspired them to love Jesus and care for others.

Can people see our love for Jesus? Does our example inspire others to be faithful in their walk as well? The author of today’s devotional says there are 2 kids of virtues - those that look good on a resume and those that people share at a funeral. We often pour or energy into pursuing the former, but the real “treasure” can be found in the latter.

What will be said at your funeral? What do you want said? It’s not too late to develop eulogy virtues. Rest in Jesus. His salvation frees us to live for what matters most.