Why Should We Pray?

Why should we pray? Seems like an obvious question right? After becoming a Christian at the age of 15, I had a little nook in my basement bedroom that I converted into a place of prayer. I spent many hours on my knees in that corner, candle lit as I pleaded with God to help me overcome my secret struggles and save the friends I loved so much. I talked to God because I loved him, and believed that he not only heard my prayers but also desired to speak with me through them.

Later in life things got… muddled. The black and white of my youth at times felt like a million shades of gray as I wrestled with the truths of Scripture and the reality of my life. This really came to a head in 2011 when my struggles with chronic pain spiraled out of control and countless voices cried out to the Lord on my behalf for healing and relief. Instead of getting better, my pain only seemed to get worse, and all kinds of doubts and fears crept into those places where confidence and assurance once lived. Had I done something wrong? Did God hear my prayers? Did he care? If God is God and he is sovereign than do my prayers really matter at all anyway?

I think most Christians struggle with these questions at least once in their life. Joni Eareckson Tada has, and in her devotional “Why Should We Pray?” she provides an answer to the “why” of prayer. She’s direct and to the point:

The fact is, we pray because God Himself commands us to pray. God’s Word gives prayer a priority and urgency we simply can’t ignore. When He was among us, Jesus prayed. It was the heartbeat of His life. Whether or not we understand how prayer fits into God’s grand scheme of time and world events isn’t the point. If the One who is all-wise strongly calls us to seek Him in prayer, we can be sure it’s terribly important—for Him and for us.

When Jesus was here on earth he prayed. He prayed a lot. If the Son of God needed to spend time talking to the Father, then it’s safe to assume we should do no less. So why don’t we? (Maybe this new ebook on how smartphones have changed us can provide some clues) Whatever the reasons might be, it’s never too late to start walking in obedience. Let’s all stop, get on our knees, and spend some time in prayer - today and every day!