KCWN T-shirts - more options in the online store!

Hello KCWN family!

We’ve added some additional options to make ordering via our online store even easier and more convenient!

  1. If you want to place an order and pay via cash or check when you pick them item(s) up, just pick the size(s) you want that say “PAY AT PICKUP.” These will be priced at $0 in your cart so you don’t have to make an online payment.

  2. We’ve added an option for shipping! We realize some of you may live far from the studio and picking up the t-shirts may be very inconvenient (or impossible!). Cost for shipping is a flat fee of $1/per order and $4 per shirt.

You can visit our store by clicking on the “KCWN T-SHIRTS” link on the top right hand side of our website.

We hope you enjoy the new shirts as much as we are; share hope everyone!!!