Breaktime Bible Study: The Source of Protection

The Source of Protection

Do not withhold your mercy from me, Lord; may your love and faithfulness always protect me. Psalm 40:11

David understood how mercy could hold him with the knowledge of God being his constant. He knew mercy, love, and faithfulness, and now he is in great need of experiencing them as he walks through his trials. A true image is for us to imagine the Lord’s love and faithfulness is like a fence around our heart as we walk through daily trials.

Now this fence around our heart is what will keep the thoughts of defeat where they belong, on the outside. It is not as difficult to walk through life with the support of God, keeping us protected. This world isn’t where we run in times of troubles, but like David, we too can cry out for his mercy.

God loves to hear from us, and it is often through distress where we find his love. It is his grace, which comes and reminds us we are not alone, and he is able. God doesn’t turn his back, for his faithfulness is within us, offering the perseverance we need to continue. Just when we sense we can't handle anymore, God is there reminding us He is with us.

Today in the Workplace

What situation of life do you need God’s perspective?

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