Breaktime: Open our Mouths, Lord

Open our Mouths, Lord

I proclaim your saving acts in the great assembly; I do not seal my lips, Lord, as you know. Psalm 40:9

David could not keep his lips from expressing the acts of God; it was his very nature. He proclaimed the truth in the assembly and allowed his words to be used of God. It wasn’t that David only preached the acts of God among His people; he truly lived the actions.

Don’t we love it when we encounter people who easily talk of the deeds of God? We all know the ones who have been with Jesus because their lips are filled with gratitude. It is challenging to keep our mouth quiet after experiencing the acts of God in our life. We live our lives as if we are preaching a sermon.

What if our life became a sermon? The Words of God living so richly in our lives that we identify with them throughout the day as they become a sermon. The Word of God lives in the heart, then transfers into our actions, which is much like a sermon lived out. May God continually give us the words of truth to be lived in daily living.

Today in the Workplace

What does your daily life say?