Breaktime: The Next Step

The Next Step
I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.” Psalm 40:8

David admits his longing to do God’s will is there, and his heart is engaged. He comes before God with desire because the Words of God are forever in His heart. David gives an excellent example of someone who has not only put the Word of God in his heart but now desires to do his will.

This can be difficult at times for all of us, and we can read the Word of God, but it can become dormant with no action. If we read the Word with no application, then it remains stagnant. There is a difference between knowing the will of God through the Word and applying the Word to your life. However, all too often, we lean heavy on being taught but leave out the next steps, putting what we have heard into action.

The heart becomes engaged when the application is applied, and the will becomes empowered when put into action and then desires begin to grow. Hearing the Word of God with next steps clearly communicated can sometimes lead to a frustrating following of Jesus. Jesus invites us each and every day to continue in the footsteps of His Word. When you read His Word, ask the question, now what do I do?

Today in the Workplace

What is your next step?