Breaktime: The Heart Business

The Heart Business

Sacrifice and offering you did not desire −but my ears you have opened—burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not require. Psalm 40:6

David knew God put sacrifice and offerings in place but he also understood them not as the end, but the means. God is not delighting in sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice for David understood God is looking at the heart of the one making the offering and sacrifice. David had an open heart and open ears to hear from the Lord.

A relationship with God is more than a sacrifice we bring but the heart of intent in which they are brought. Could it be when our ears are open our heart understands the law as a matter of the heart? When we begin to understand what God is saying, we begin to see the heart in which we do most things. God is interested in the heart more than the action because our duty without the heart leads to self-righteousness.

We have learned that many times Jesus rebuked was because the heart was missing behind the actions. He scolded the Pharisees for keeping the outside of the cup clean or their actions, but the inside was full of dead men’s bones. Paul said we can be very gifted but without love, it all comes to nothing. The heart matters and God is in the heart-changing business. We do many things to keep the physical heart in great running condition but what about the spiritual heart of who we are.

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