Breaktime: Listening and Waiting

LORD, I wait for you; you will answer, Lord my God. Psalm 38:15

Here is how David remained silent with his voice and stopped listening to those who surrounded him. He made all his efforts going to the voice he needed to hear. In a loud situation of life David chose to tune it out and tune in to God. The worst of situations turned David into listening and waiting.

Those two words are contrary to how we often want to approach life’s hardship. We may feel like there is something we should be doing and saying in all of life. However, could it be God is trying to say something, but we aren’t listening? We may be trying to tell God how to do our life instead of listening to how God wants us to do ours. We may be trying to live life with our answers instead of waiting for his.

We could be tired of waiting on God and insist on going through our plans our way. Scripture promises strength will come as we wait on God and we will gain a different perspective when we stop long enough to hear His voice. We may need to practice a lot because we are accustomed to following our voice. God does have an answer, but will we wait to hear his solution?

Today in the Workplace

Where do you need to wait and listen for God in your life?

Sabra DyasComment