God Never Gives Up

A few weeks ago I got to be the hero for a day - my wife had cut down some bushes in our front yard, and was having a hard time getting the stumps out of the ground. So in jumped her eager hubby to finish the job, and armed with a brand-new, super strong sharp tipped shovel I made quick work of what remained of the bushes we once despised. A flowering bush we did love was accidentally cut down by my dad (oops!), but fortunately that created an opportunity to replace it with a Jane Magnolia, my wife’s favorite childhood tree. Last night I attacked stump #2 with gusto and determination, sure I would finish this project off as quickly as its predecessor. Unfortunately this was not to be - with the light fading I stumbled into the house around 9pm, dirty, sweaty and tired - I gave up!

Thankfully we have a God who never gives up! I suppose my story isn’t the best way to compare and contrast the ways we give up in life vs. our eternal Father who never gives up, but my son was screaming his head off through most of last night (bad cold/stuffy head) and I’ve had about 4 hours of sleep so this is the best my foggy brain can do!

Max Lucado was my inspiration today with his devotional titled “God Never Gives Up.” He uses a much better example - Jesus Christ on the cross. There were a myriad of ways Jesus could have ended his suffering, dispatched his tormentors, and said, “Forget this, I’m out of here!” and been perfectly justified in doing so (he is God after all) - but he didn’t. He willingly endured the suffering and shame of the cross so that we might have life. A better example on this Memorial Day is the sacrifice so many men and women have made over the years to protect the freedoms we have as Americans by making the ultimate sacrifice and giving their lives for our country.

When the soldiers spit on Jesus, he didn’t spit back. When the crowds mocked, he remained silent. While the hosts of heaven looked on, Jesus let the nails go through his hands and feet, until that moment when he said “It is finished!” and breathed his last breath. He didn’t give up then, and he won’t now either.

Maybe your circumstances are a whole lot more pressing than a stubborn old stump; maybe you feel pushed to the very edge of your limits today, and don’t know how you’re going to make it. Take heart my friend - Jesus is with you. You don’t have to give up, because he will never give up on you.