Breaktime: Hopeless No More

“But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you. Psalm 39:7

After realizing the brevity of life, David now sees his hope is in the Lord. What a relief for the Psalmist to know there is no other place to go but to the Lord. Wealth is lingering all around and the Psalmist is calling David to turn towards God for His refuge. His eyes are open to see God standing in the middle of all the treasures of this life and yet, offering a greater treasure. David ran to God for His abundance in life.

We can be tempted to try and find hope in the idols of this world but if we ever try to cling to them in the storms of life, we soon realize the anchor doesn’t hold. We sink when we cling to the gods of this world throughout adversities of life. However, when our hope is awakened to cling to God as the waves of life are rushing in, we find our safe place.

Hope is where we go for assurance to run the race and all along the journey, there are promises to cling to as life becomes a hassle. Life has many false hopes ready to fulfill our hungers, but when we allow God to be that hope, life change happens. We no longer have to cling to false hope but have hope in a foundation which will not be shaken. The hope He gives can help us walk on the waters of life with ease.

Today in the Workplace

Where is your hope today?