Breaktime: Who are you listening too?

Who are You Listening too

I am like the deaf, who cannot hear, like the mute, who cannot speak; Psalm 38:13

David has now turned off the world and he doesn’t use his ears to listen to the enemy’s voice. He isn’t using his words to rebuttal their attack but is choosing to remain still. He is practicing what we would call patience. Only a quiet heart can maintain this place and a heart that is chasing after God.

The enemy knows exactly the place of attack and often it’s when we are in a low place. The place where relationships are broken and sin is attacking. This is the place where we may be really tempted to use words as a weapon. We may allow the words of others to determine how we should feel about ourselves and even respond to the world we live in. It is here where David decided not to speak or listen.

It is difficult to turn off our ears to all the noise on the outside and inside. But when we do, we can hear the voice of God. When the voices of others begin to determine our words and actions, they are the ones in control of our lives. David determined to deafen his ear to the enemy and listen to what God was saying.

Today in the Workplace

Who are you listening too?