Breaktime: Time to be Quiet

Time to Be Quiet
I have become like one who does not hear, whose mouth can offer no reply. Psalm 38:14

David again reiterates what he said before about how significant it was for him to stop listening and stop talking. His situation led him to the place where his thoughts left him to stop replying. He had to stop listening to those around him and even his own thoughts. He was left in the hands of patience and let go of trying to use self-justification.

What a lesson we may be able to learn from David, but often our responses try to protect our ego. We may hear words which bring false accusations against us and normally our first response is self-preservation. We don’t want others to think of us in the dim light of false allegations. We stand on a self-made podium demanding our voice to be heard, but it takes a lot of time and energy to continue protecting ourselves.

Maybe the best place to be is to stop listening to the voice of condemnation and listen to the voice of grace. It could be the best thing is to remain silent. Often, silence leads us to answers we couldn’t have heard otherwise. Leaving our mouth closed is another wise solution during times of overwhelming stress as well. We can learn a lot by remaining silent.

Today in the Workplace

Do you need to stop listening to all the voices of negativity around you?

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