Victims of Futility (God can use anyone!)

God works in such mysterious ways - on the one hand, he desires for us to live holy, righteous lives - and many of you reading this right now are doing just that. On the other hand, the people God chooses to be his ambassadors often have a scandalous past (and present) - Rahab the prostitute, King David, the adulterer and murderer, Saul, the persecutor of Christians. My own past is a big old mess - yet here I am!

Imagine for a moment you’re the woman at the well - you’ve been divorced five times, and on top of that, you’re a Samaritan, a race of people looked upon by most God-fearing Jews as vermin. One day you’re drawing your jars of water, and in the distance you see someone approaching. As they get closer, you realize it’s a man - but not just any man, a Jewish man! Then the unthinkable happens - this mystery man starts talking to you, and does so in a way that’s genuine and real. You find yourself drawn to him, longing to know more about this man named Jesus who talks about living water that will quench your thirst forever.

That’s the scenario Max Lucado talks about in his devotional “Victims of Futility.” From his perspective, the jars of water represent the weight of all the burdens she carried, both that of her own sin and the way people treater her because of her past and ethnicity. Then Messiah arrives, and …”Jesus took her common existence and made it special. He took a rejected woman and made her a missionary. A forgotten water jar marked the burial place of insignificance.

Jesus did the same thing in my life; it’s my prayer he’s done the same for you. If not, take a moment to pause at the well with Jesus, and let him transform your burdens into joy and make a common existence something extraordinary!