Breaktime: A Good Action

Those who repay my good with evil lodge accusations against me, though I seek only to do what is good. Psalm 38:20

David now under his heavy persecution of hate put it in its place by doing what is good. He understood the reaction to hate was good and didn’t allow its force to decide how he was going to respond. He understood God was leading His path towards goodness even though his good actions were being paid back with evil accusation.

It is a difficult road when our actions are good and then later find they are being paid back with evil. When we pour ourselves out with goodness and the return is hate, something inside of us is tempted to retaliate. Revenge is a normal response for most of us instead of paying back evil with good. Good actions even irritate the enemy more, because it exposes their own unrighteousness and they beg for us to participate with them.

Our reaction to accusations against us says more about us then those who give them. We have an opportunity each day to decide our response and when its good, we end the fight with an exclamation point. The fight may even get worse but remember, our role is to continue in goodness. This may mean we need much more of God to walk in the path before us, but that could be exactly why we are there. During times of persecution it reveals our great need for God so don’t fear the need, run to Him for help.

Today in the Workplace

Admit your needs to God.