Breaktime: Growing Irritation

“The wicked lie in wait for the righteous, intent on putting them to death...” Psalm 37:32

What an evil outlook on life to lie in wait for the righteous. Evil can’t stand in partnership with righteousness for there is a constant irritation for evil in the presence of goodness, it is a rub. When good people meet wicked people, evilness cringes. Cain slew Abel for no other reason than his brothers righteous act.

In our day, there seems to be a growing irritation to Christianity. The growing disrespect for Christ followers is evident. The slander by evil against righteousness is prodding through all sorts of media. Could it be, we bring light on the plans of darkness as we invade falsehood with truth, which crushes the plans of the wicked? Often, we can thwart the plans of the evil by our actions.

The only way for evilness to win is to take down the righteous. They look at the good man as a threat to their plans. This is nothing new as Jesus was crucified for standing in righteousness and many of His disciplines were tortured in their death. But we must remember, wickedness can’t take our heart for no one has access without our consent. Remain in righteousness and keep from being swayed by the ever-increasing evil around us.

Today in the Workplace

How has evil tried to overcome God’s plan of righteous living in your life?