Breaktime: Walking with Others

Walking with Others

My friends and companions avoid me because of my wounds; my neighbors stay far away. Psalm 38:11

When David was experiencing heartache, those who should have been there for him had fled. He was abandoned to cope with his own despair alone. He didn’t have a church body standing with him and he felt very alone. It could be his sin has brought him to this place and others were judging his condition. It could be his physical condition was too much for others to encounter but whatever the reason, this is exactly the place he needed loved ones.

Why would we even think of leaving others who are experiencing heartache in life? Many times, we may not want the dirt from their lives mixing in ours. We may want to set ourselves so far apart from the sin of others that we are no good to them at all. Life can get dirty and if we are all honest, we have all felt its shame. Just the time we need others standing with us in this thing called life many don’t want the involvement.

What we truly need to do is be with people in their pain. We can walk with others through their hardships with the strength the Holy Spirit gives us. It is easier to leave people in their pain, but it is certainly not our calling to abandon them. We must walk with them through their trials and pain, just as the Holy Spirit does with us. Often when troubles come our way is the greatest opportunity to reach in with unfailing love and mercy.

Today in the Workplace

Is there anyone you may be ignoring because their pain is too difficult?