A Racing Heart

The Racing heart
My heart pounds, my strength fails me; even the light has gone from my eyes. Psalm 38:10

David now is experiencing a rapid pulse from the distress of life. He may have been nervous and undergoing physical agitation as all kinds of things can cause the pulse to beat rapidly. It could be caused by the irritations of life and the stress which follows. It could be a sin or an actual physical problem but even that could be enhanced by life’s conditions.

Sometimes in life, we need to learn to relax. In this whole Psalm, David is really uptight and experiencing physical symptoms from his physical and mental anguish. He has brought himself to a place of extreme sorrow where even the plans ahead seem diminished.

Haven’t we all been there−where the path ahead seems dark and confusing. We are unable to make decisions because all around seems exhausting. This can cause us to go into stress mode and even find our heart becoming anxious, expressing its need for rest. Often it is just good to pull back for a minute and learn to sit still. To learn that the only one who can bring us peace is standing with us, is often taught in the trials. We may be experiencing the pounding heart because life and sin are racing out of control. God can bring us peace when we stop running without him.

Today in the Workplace

What trial do you need God to help you with today?