Becoming Vulnerable

Not many of us enjoy walking in vulnerability. We may have convinced ourselves or been taught that it is a sign of weakness to be open and honest to the place of becoming emotional. David didn’t really care about becoming emotional because in the Psalm we learn David anguished and expressed sorrow for his sin. It takes greater strength, not weakness to become honest about our place of weakness.

Our first place of honesty is with God. Admitting the place of sin in our life and asking for the strength to turn away is the place of maturity. We may try to deny but God already knows and sees all. He can see all so becoming vulnerable allows our heart the space for humility to grow. It takes maturity to become vulnerable because we may live in the judgement of others. However, God is the one who judges because He can see the whole heart, we can trust Him with great confidence that He is going to give us the strength to be real.

Today in the Workplace

Do you struggle with being vulnerable with God? Why?

Sabra DyasComment