Breaktime: Motive Matters

“The law of their God is in their hearts; their feet do not slip.” Psalm 37:31

The law is written on our hearts to keep us from falling as it points in the direction we need to go. God’s Holy Word living in our hearts will keep us from slipping. For the heart is where the “why” is determined, and this is where the Word of God lives.

However, it is more than just obeying the word, it's following for all the right reasons. God has and will always be searching for our heart. We can still obey the law but follow God with a heart that is failing. The Pharisees obeyed the written and oral law but misunderstood the teachings of Jesus. They were more interested in keeping the outward actions and appearances but failing to keep their heart clean.

We can get into the same groove when our actions may look good, but inside we are unloving and self-righteous. There is something wrong when we can throw down the law but forget a motive of love matters. The why behind our actions is where the heart of our motive is living. The words of Jesus should cause us to reflect the motive because He came to fulfill the law. The law points to our need of a Savior so the truth is, we can’t do it apart from Him.

Today in the Workplace

Is your heart following?