The 6 Prayers Your Heart Needs This Easter

Today is Good Friday, and for the most part it feels pretty much like any other Friday - I got up early, met the guys bright and early at 6am for weekly men’s group at Hy-Vee, did my morning walk and stretching, took my son to daycare, and now am here at the radio station doing my thing on the air. Everything seems “normal,” and it kind of bothers me. Why? Because we remember on this day the most astounding, earth-shaking event in all of history - Jesus, God became flesh, taking our place on the cross and in so doing bridging the gap between ourselves and heaven. That’s a big deal right - about as far from ordinary as possible!!!

I think sometimes the “busyness” of life is the very thing that keeps my heart from stopping to reflect on what this day means; to go beyond merely believing in Jesus and instead actually start walking with him. Easter isn’t just once a year on Sunday; for followers of Jesus it’s the event that changed everything, and something that should impact how we live each and every day for however long the Lord has us on this earth.

Lysa TerKeurst from Proverbs 31 Ministries has a great devotional titled “The 6 Prayers Your Heart Needs This Easter.” I can relate to her introduction:

This year, I want to let the reality of Easter reach beyond just one Sunday. I desperately need the truth of Jesus’ sacrifice to settle in to the deepest places of my heart. I don’t know what hard realities you’ve been facing lately, but I have a suspicion that maybe you can relate to this same sense of desperation.

Later, Lysa states that Easter isn’t just a day, it’s …”a revelation. A time where Jesus splits my soul along the fault line of a scar deep within to bring dead things alive.”  There are some dead parts in my soul I long for Christ to bring to life; maybe you have some as well. How can this happen? When we look to Jesus - so let’s take a moment to sit with Jesus and let the reality of what happened on that glorious Sunday morning sink into our souls.

Lysa focuses on Matthew 28:5-7, and comes away with six simple prayers:

  • "Do not be afraid," — Dear God, I hand over to You those things that make me so afraid. Resurrect the parts of my faith that are squelched by fear.

  • "I know that you are looking for Jesus," — God, when my soul is searching, may I know that the answer to every longing is found in You.

  • "He has risen," — God, the fact that Jesus is risen should lift my head, my heart and my attitude. Help me live today as if I really believe this with every part of my life.

  • "just as he said," — Dear Jesus, You keep Your promises. Show me how to live as though I believe that with every part of me. Help me trust You more, obey You more and resemble You more.

  • "Come and see," — Jesus, You had the angels invite the women in to see for themselves that You had risen. You invite me into these personal revelations every day. Forgive me for sometimes rushing about and forgetting to come and see for myself … You, Your Word, Your insights.

  • "Then go quickly and tell his disciples," — Jesus, I don’t want to be a secret-keeper with my faith. I want to be a bold and gracious truth-proclaimer. For You. With You. Because of You. Me, the girl whom You loved and redeemed.

I think these six short prayers speak for themselves. Jesus - thank-you for taking such a horrible thing as your crucifixion and making it good ; your death and resurrection are more than just historical facts - they’re truths that fill my life with hope each and every day. Help me - help us - to share that hope this Easter.