Breaktime: Pause Before Speaking

The mouths of the righteous utter wisdom, and their tongues speak what is just. Psalm 37:30

Out of the mouth of the righteous flows wisdom and justice. Our words should be checked before we speak but all too often, careless words are spoken and before we know it, damage control is needed. Words have power to bring life or death and many people have been destroyed by the words of others.

If wisdom was our motive than words will bring life to the receiver. This is where listening to Jesus comes in. When we are tuned to the Spirit, words of life and hope will flow from His heart. Sometimes the best words to say are the words we wait to speak. Many times, we try and fill the empty space with words which don’t need to be said. However, often silence and reflection can produce such great insights.

In many situations, it could be we need to put our mouth on pause before we say too much and before the words start barreling out without self-control. Pause is a great place to listen for the wisdom of God. To pause sometimes creates an awkwardness but wouldn’t we rather have that than words we can’t take back? Pause is a great sign of strength because we are being thoughtful of others. God desires to speak through us but are we listening?

Today in the Workplace

Do you have a pause button?

Sabra DyasComment